Lynx Collective SRL

Lynx Collective SRL was founded to safeguard FiveM servers from Lua mod menu exploiters, driven by our dedication to the community.

We started with Lynx Menu, which became a popular cheat. Realizing the need for a solution, we transformed it into a leading anticheat for FiveM servers. Now, our anticheat protects thousands of servers worldwide, constantly updated to combat the latest cheats.

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How does it Work?
ChocoHax is able to stay ahead of new and evolving menus. Our team is dedicated to continuously updating the security of the anticheat to keep your server safe. Our advanced detection methods are optimized to work seamlessly on any server/framework and with any game build. With a focus on blocking internal cheats, ChocoHax's goal is to eliminate any mod menu threat and maintain a safe player base without causing false positive detections. Join the community and let us create a comprehensive administrative tool for your server with your suggestions and ideas.
Why I should buy ChocoHax?
The reasons are simple:
  1. Our solution is designed with quality over quantity in mind, offering advanced detection methods that stay ahead of cheating trends.
  2. Not only do we catch known cheats, but our built-in Artificial Intelligence is constantly learning and evolving to predict new cheat developments.
  3. With a modular design and advanced configuration options, ChocoHax is fully customizable to meet the unique needs of your server. Our focus on preventing false positives means you can enjoy a player base that is both safe and trustworthy.*
  4. Say goodbye to disruptive and intrusive explosions, and experience the smoothest gameplay possible
What are your refund policy?
Our refund policy for ChocoHax is as follows: As a digital product, we typically do not offer refunds. Customers are responsible for their purchase decisions. However, in exceptional circumstances where technical issues cannot be resolved by our Support Team, a refund may be granted on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions page at Terms and Conditions
Do you have any Special promotions?
At Lynx Collective, we understand the value of keeping our customers happy and satisfied. That's why we offer special promotions and discounts from time to time, to show our appreciation for your business. Keep an eye on our #news page to stay updated on the latest deals and offers. or join our Discord to get notified when we have a new promotion! Whether it's a seasonal sale, a special event, or just because, we want to make sure you get the best possible value for your investment in ChocoHax. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can be confident in your decision to choose us for all your FiveM needs!

Pricing plans

ChocoHax Lite Anticheat
Starting from...

€ 9.99

  • ChocoHax Lite Anticheat
  • Simple & Easy to use
  • 1 IP / 1 Server
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ChocoHax Pro Upgrade
One time Upgrade

€ 50.00

  • One time Upgrade *Hestia ∞ only
  • 2 Active IPs (Production & Development)
  • Exclusive & Pre-releases updates
  • IP Resets every 24 hours *instead of 7 days
  • Priority Support
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ChocoHax Hestia (Full Access)
Starting from...

€ 29.99

  • ChocoHax Hestia Full Access
  • ChocoHax .NET Panel Access & Addons
  • 1 IP / 1 Server
  • Support
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Features Lite AC Hestia Full Pro Upgrade
Multi Language Support
Integrated Admin Menu
Ban & Cloud Bans
Anti XSS
Discord / File Logging
Ingame Chat Moderation
Event Handlers Exploit Protection
Event Handlers Obfuscation
Anti NUI Dev Tools
Anti Lua Mod Menu (Lynx/Brutan/Tiago/Fallout,...)
Weapons Management (blacklist/whitelist)
Entities Vehicles/Peds/Objects Management (blacklist/whitelist)
Explosions & FXParticles Detection
Steam Trust Factor Checkup (VAC/Game Bans)
Player protection (Godmode/Invisibility/Invincibility/Fire/Explosions/...)
Remote Panel
Export for Plugins
Early Access to Updates & and future projects
Multi Server Support
*features are subject to change, custom configurations/installations are not included with the purchase, it's up to the server developer to configure the anticheat

ChocoHax support

You're in trouble? You're having issue with your server or anyother kind of problems? We are here to let you take a breath from your problem, giving you our help. Join our community for a 360° support!

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